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Welcome to INPA(Indianan Naval Placement Agency)

Indian Navy established Indian Naval Placement Agency (INPA) on 18 Feb 2006 under the aegis of Directorate of Ex-Servicemen Affairs at Naval Headquarters. Subsequently, Command Placement Cells were established under INPA at Mumbai, Kochi, and Vishakhapatnam under the respective Command Headquarters.

The primary aim of INPA is to enahance second career opportunities for the retiring / retired naval personnel in the corporate / private sector. While retired / retiring personnel are required to pay a nominal fee for registration, the INPA and Placement Cells render free services to the veer naris. In pursuit of this aim, INPA and the Placement Cells udertaken the following activities:-

  • Facilitate recruitment of retired / retiring naval personnel through operation of the placement portal at inpa.net.in
  • Enhance placement of retiring / retired naval personnel through engagement with professional HR agencies, corporate houses, and business forums.
  • Facilitate awareness among the retired / retiring naval personnel of the skill requirements of the industry and guidance on preparation for re-employment in corporate / private sector.
  • Facilitate recruitment of retired / retiring naval personnel in govt / semi government organisations.
  • Conduct of Job Fairs in collaboration with Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) and other Services.
  • Progress initiatives to upgrade / certify skill sets of retired / retiring naval personnel.
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